Propolis Lecithin Capsule

Propolis Lecithin Capsule


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  • Propolis naturally sourced from the bee has been known for its structural protection against fungi; parasitic and even bacterial infection.
  • * It therefore has the ability to protect against diseases.
  • * It is a good cure for systemic candidiasis.
  • * Helps treat sperm reflux in women.
  • * Helps balance auto-immune dysfunction.
  • * Propolis helps suppress tumor and improve immunity.
  • * The flavonoid content of Propolis supplement is a great anti-oxidant.
  • * It is amazing for the skin.
  • * Excellent to promote wound healing and because of the high antioxidant effect may help to keep our skin looking cleaner, younger and fresh.
  • * Anti-inflammatory.
  • Boosts ┬áprostate cancer cells’ death.
  • It fights against any inflammation in the body. Very effective in melting out FIBROID.
  • It therefore strengthens body immunity; lowers blood pressure and has been proven to treat food poisoning.


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