Detox Pro Pack

Detox Pro Pack

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Zhemingde detox series: highly effective deep layer( intracellular and extracellular) systematic detoxification therapy.

Super whole body premium detox which rejuvenate the whole cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body.


Norland detox pro pack for detoxification- an herbal formula that clears all the unwanted elements, toxins, sickness and diseases in your body system in less than 2 days.

Detox pro pack is a powerful herbal formula that enters into human cells in 10 minutes. Excretes toxic wastes in various colors from the five primary organ systems in 16 to 24 hours. It continues working for 10-90 days!


The formula is the most comprehensive and effective classic detoxification formula inspired by traditional Chinese medicine.

Yes this detox pro pack is for you and me and every human being.


Health benefits:

  1. Nourishing and recuperating can only be realized after your body is cleansed. So the detox pro pack helps to cleanse the body of toxins that could prevent normal body cells.
  2. It helps turn your body back into a powerful self-healing machine. Hence, dramatically improves the absorption of nutrition and medicine; enhancing the body’s self-healing abilities therefore preventing major diseases and prolongs life span.
  3. It safely and rapidly removes toxic waste from the kidneys, liver, lung, heart, spleen at once … Without side effects compared to other detox products.
  4. It works on the origin of disordered cells, therefore restoring them to a healthy vibration level.
  5. Highly measurable results typically, triglyceride, cholesterol, blood viscosity and blood uric acid levels fall on day one. Serum transaminase falls, and liver function and low density lipoprotein returns to normal in 7 – 15 days.

Norland Detox Pro pack is the first detoxification product to cleanse, rejuvenate, energize, nourish, beautify and prevent at the same time.


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